Soviet Ghosts Went Viral

Its been two and a half months since the release of my book and its been a very exciting launch, as my first book I am over the moon at the success of Soviet Ghosts and how well it has been received.

Going viral all over the internet, it has now been featured over 70 times that I know of and the attention isn't fading, I get requests everyday to feature the book, to name a few so far...

Soviet Ghost - Happy Customers

Since the release of my book Soviet Ghosts, I have loved getting everyones photos with the book, here are some of my favourites. I want to thank everyone for buying the book and I really enjoy hearing about how much you love it.

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Soviet Ghosts Book 2014

Early in 2013 I was commissioned by Carpet Bombing Culture to photograph the abandoned buildings of the former Soviet Union and its Satellite states. I travelled to 10 countries in Eastern Europe, The Baltic's, Ukraine and of course Russia to capture what is left from the collapse of the Soviet Union such as forgotten towns, factories, prisons, schools, monuments, hospitals, theatres, military complexes, asylums & death camps across the former communist countries and occupied satellite states. I even came across a Soviet submarine in the UK.

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Israel - Vibe Israel May 2014

After giving my talk at The Photography Show in March 2014, a great guy called Udi Tirosh, who had watched my talk, got in contact with me, not only is he the amazing inventor of the great Light Blaster but also the owner of a fantastic website DIY Photography. We started to chat over Facebook and not long after he told me about an amazing opportunity in Israel, where a great company called Kinetis, who are changing the way people think about Israel are sending over different groups from different countries to experience and share with the world what they really think of the country.

The Underworld - Sira 2014

On our final day in Israel me and Benjamin Von Wong went head to head for a shoot we had been planning over Facebook back in the Uk/ Canada. We had been chatting together and many others who would hall us in Israel. the plan was to do a shoot at an abandoned location and create some unique shots to maximise the time we had over there.

The Underworld - A Dance With Death 2014

Cally Jo is an amazingly talented tattoo artists, I briefly meet her when getting a tattoo at drags trip in Southhampton with Pete Belson. We decided to do a shoot together a couple of years later at the amazing Chapel Asylum and we created some beautiful photos for my Underworld Series.

I was very lucky to have the amazing Beau Tiger Wilson bring his skull and skeleton collection to the shoot and also Jess who works at The Great Frog bring some incredible silver jewellery from the best Skull ring creators.

UK Exploring 2014

These are just some of the places I have explored in 2014 in the Uk, mainly with Wojtek

Dark Semiotics - A Scholarship To Study a PHD in Visual Anthropology

It was a day in late December 2013 and I was at home with not a lot to do. It felt weird, for one whole year I hadn’t had a moment to breathe, to even think or to sit on my own and just contemplate the world. I had been rushing around from country to country, doing what I love, exploring the places that others don’t see. It was a year earlier in December 2012 that I was given a gift of an amazing opportunity to create a book and document the Soviet Union before it is gone and what a year creating it, it was.

But with the photos completed for the book and the chapters 80% written, I was left to think about what 2014 would bring. I started to think of a new book, one that would take me out of Europe and that would take me to the rest of the world. I thought about what I could photograph and decided to follow my heart.

The Underworld - Sea of the Dead 2014

I feel very lucky to have been invited as a group of 6 photographers from around the world to go to Israel as part of an amazing venture called Kinetis/ Vibe Israel, established 4 years ago its one aim is to change the way people feel about Israel, but getting some of the most influential social networkers to spread the word through their area and who how creative, innovative, inspiring and energetic the country really is. Its not about military, religion and camels, but so much more, Israel is a vibrant, alive and a fantastic place to be.

Jaffa Market, Tel Aviv - Mamiya Leaf Equipment May 2014

On the last day of my trip to Israel as part of Kinetis/ Vibe Israel we had the opportunity to visit a vibrant and cultural market in Jaffa and were very lucky to be given some incredible Mamiya Leaf equipment to use.

The Underworld - Daeira 2014

Daeira, is "the knowing," a divinity connected with the Eleusinian mysteries.

Photographer: Rebecca Litchfield
Model: Sophie Thompson

The Underworld - Shrouded Soul 2014

Photographer: Rebecca Litchfield Photography
Model: Tina Eisen
Assistance: Emerson Tactay Soriano
Assistance: Kostis Nikolas

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” ― Mark Twain

The Underworld - Nyx Using Round Flash 2014

Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). Her appearances are sparse in surviving mythology, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of the world and only ever seen in glimpses. - Wikepedia

The Underworld - Semele 2014

Semele was the only mortal to parent a God, a Thebian princess, she once slaughtered a bull and was washing herself in the River Asopus to rid the blood that had stained her skin. Discused as an eagle, Zeus spied her and fell in love with her.

Encountering Corpses March 2014

I first heard about 'Encountering Corpses' late 2013 and it totally sounded like my kind of thing so I registered for a ticket + 1 and waited patiently for March to come. I think it was the fact Paul Koudounaris was giving a talk, who I own one of his books called 'Heavenly Bodies' and seeing these beautiful photographs of jewel adorned skeletons, made me want to hear all about the images.

I got the coach to Manchester the day before and stayed in a hotel. I meet up with Laura, who works in one of my favourite museums, the Horniman and we arrived at the museum early so we could look at the taxidermy displays and various other things.

The Photography Show Talk NEC Birmingham March 2014

Public speaking has always terrified the living daylights out of me, in fact at university I was scared to even get up in front of a small group of people that I knew. As it would near my turn, my stomach would tie up in knots, words whizzing round my jumbled up head and fear about whether they would blurt out in a complete mess.

A year ago I was invited by Lowepro to do a small presentation at The NEC at The Focus on Imaging event in Birmingham. I agreed to do it, but the thought scared me so much, but I got though the best I could, it made me realise that maybe my talk wasn't prepared in the best way it could be, but that I could do this and the next time I could do better. So in that same year I was invited again to talk at Photo Live, again I was pretty terrified, but I got through. Two days after I received an email and it made me feel like crying and giving up.

Places I've Travelled

I love to travel and explore, these are some of the places I have been to over the last few years, but there are just so many more places I want to see in my life, the list is endless.

(Note these pinned flags are just in random places, I never give away abandoned building locations in public)

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The Underworld - Persephone 2014

Persephone is a daughter of Zeus and Demeter, she was taken by Hades the God king of the underworld and taken as his majestic queen, as the goddess of death, no one must speak her name. She once lived far away, living with nature, many Gods fell in love and tried to capture her heart. But in the end Hades rapes and steals her away and takes her to the darkest depths of the underworld.

In the end Hades is forced to let her go, Hermes retrieves her, but Hades had got her to eat some pomegranate seeds and because she had tasted the food of the underworld she was required to stay there for the winter months and only return to her mother for 2 thirds of the year.

The Underworld - Elysium 2014

Elysium is a place in the underworld, separate from Hades realm and reserved for mortal people from Earth that are related to Gods and later those chosen by the Gods who have lead a heroic and righteous life before they died.

It is a place that is easy to stay, there is no rain or snow, no sorrow and flourishing, a life without tears and blessed with an oceans breeze.

The Underworld - The Realm of the Dead 2013

At the moment of death the soul departs from earth and makes it journey towards the underworld, realm of dead souls and where all earth dwellers find there final resting place.

The Underworld - Erebus 2013

Erebus is a God of the underworld, representing darkness and shadows, his wife is Nyx (meaning night) whose mists covers the edges of the world and the deep recesses of the earth. His wife, brings the mist across the heavens to block out the light.

Their daughters are Aether (light) and Hemera (day) and although their parents want a world of darkness, every morning Hemera would push aside her parents and let the light cover the world. The existence of Erubus was the reason night and darkness occurred.

The Underworld - Melinoe 2013

Melinoe is a chthonic nymph who is a bringer of nightmares and madness, sometimes also known as a moon goddess. She is the daughter of Persephone, she drives mortals to madness and appears in weird shapes and forms. She is shadowy, shining in darkness and always appears in the gloom of night.

The Underworld - Macaria 2013

Macaria is the daughter of Hades and embodies blessed death, she is the merciful counterpart of the death God Thanatos and helsps the passage of souls to the isle of the blessed.

UK Road Trip December 2013

Myself, Wojtek and Danny decided to go on a small roar trip over three days around the UK, our home land and we saw some great places along the way

The Underworld - Fields of Asphodel 2013

The Asphodel meadows is where the souls of ordinary people that have done no wrong to live after death. It is not a place of perfect beauty, like Elysium, the soul live un animated, without pleasure. The residents are not good and they are not evil. "presumably strange, pallid, ghostly flowers."

The Underworld - Cronus 2013

Cronus was the ruling Titan who came to power by castrating his FatherUranus. His wife was Rhea. Their offspring were the first of the Olympians. To insure his safety Cronus ate each of the children as they were born. This worked until Rhea, unhappy at the loss of her children, tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock, instead of Zeus. When he grew up Zeus would revolt against Cronus and the other Titans, defeat them, and banish them to Tartarus in the underworld.

The Underworld - Sceptre Bride 2013

The Sceptre Bride

Photographer: Rebecca Litchfield
Makeup/ Hair: Jay Pinxie Turnbull
Model: Ruby @ Profile
Dress: Samantha Cole London

Bulgaria 4 Day Road Trip March 2013

I stand on top of a tiny wooden platform, my safety not yet entirely certain, in fact later back on soil below looking up, the platform may well have crumbled and plunged me to my death at anytime, but I try not to think about that now, as you only live once and for a long time I've had the mind set that if I die now doing something incredible, then surely there are worse ways to go.

But nether the less, it had taken one hour of climbing up frozen metal rungs, a test of endurance, at times we doubted if it was worth it, I had lost the feeling in both hands and as the space became more and more narrow the further we climbed, we had to leave bags and items on the way up. I think if Nicola and Jonathan weren't at the top waiting for us, we may well have given up on maybe the 6th flights of rungs.

Nothing really could have prepared myself for opening the hatch to the roof and walking out onto it for the first time. I walked fast to the edge and that was when the pure magnitude of nature hit me for the first time. I have not been left speechless many times in my existence, but standing there, above the clouds, seeing the sky light up a beautiful red and pink and the sun sinking into the a bed of clouds, I was truly in awe of the aptitude of what I saw before me.

Big Issue Australia Article 2013

Some of my exploring photos have been published in The Big Issue in Australia

Baltics 8 Day Road Trip August 2013

So in August 2013 I boarded a plane at Luton to go and meet with Lauris and Alex in Latvia. It was an 8 day trip and we drove many many miles through Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, photographing a tonne of amazing abandoned building's for my book Soviet Ghost and we had much fun along the way. it was the last trip for my book, so I was excited to be capturing the last images for it.

Russia 8 Day Road Trip July 2013

I went to Russia for 8 days in July 2013, me and Ian boarded a plan at Gatwick and headed to Moscow, where we meet with Konstantine, who had drove all the way from St Petersburg to meet us to be part of our adventure. It was a trip for my book Soviet Ghosts and the most important one at that, it took many many months of planning and researching to find the locations and to find Russians who could help us with tips of getting into places.

We also meet up with amazing Igor and his wife on many days, without his help we may never have seen many of the fantastic places we saw along the way and we are very grateful for his help.

East Europe 12 Day Road Trip May 2013

In May 2013 we went on a 12 Day road trip around the former Eastern Bloc for my commissioned book Soviet Ghosts, myself, Danny and Ian flew to Berlin where we meet Michael for 5 days exploring in Eastern Germany, we then drove to Poland where we meet Kwolas and Muzica. We drove to Hunagry, Slovakia, Austrai and then to Czech republic where we explored the abandoned town of Milovice with Jakob. Finally we drove back to Berlin to finish the trip. This was the longest Ive ever been exploring and we had some amazing memories along the way.

We did manage to completely wreck our hire car on day two, but we all live to tell the tale and it didn't stop us.

Belgium 2 Day Road Trip March 2013

A wonderful 3 day road trip with Wojtek and Romany WG to Belgium, producer of the infamous urban exploring book Beauty in Decay.

Focus On Imaging Talk For Lowepro March 2013

I had the pleasure of giving a talk for Lowepro at the amazing Focus On Imaging at the NEC in Birmingham, it was great to talk to people about my work and my recent projects. Had some great feedback after the talk, which was lovely.

On the second day I drew a really big crowd and was delighted to have some fans there to meet me.

Edge Hill University Talk 2013

I recently did a lecture for the student of Edge Hill University which was so much fun, I loved talking to them about my work and book project. It was the first time I got up and talked to a group of people, so it was very scary, but I enjoyed it and it was amazing to meet up with the three writers of my book, professor Owen Evans, Tristi Brownett and Neill Cockwill.

France, Belgium, Luxembourg 2 Day Road Trip February 2013

Myself, Wojtek and James went one three day road trip to vist some amazing locations in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. It all stemmed from one of Wojteks friends wanting a lift on the euro tunnel to take his dog over to Paris and so he paid for petrol and the train and we turned it into an exploring trip.

Belgium 2 Day Road Trip January 2013

Me and Wojtek sat chatting on facebook just a couple of days before Christmas day saying how we wanted to go explore, we looked for things in the UK, but with not a  lot of great stuff around we thought, what the hell lets go to the land of exploring Belgium for a couple of days, so we asked Severed Frequencies and Cmdr Cord if they would like to join us and before long we were booking ferries for two days after Christmas Day. It was a good couple for days, 800 miles all driven by the wonderful Wojtek and lots of great locations explored.

Lowepro Rover AW 45L

I have been planning a trip to Poland for a while now, as I am currently photographing abandoned places of the Former Soviet Union, a project that will take me across the countries of the Former Soviet Union and its satellite states.

Poland 5 Day Road Trip December 2012

Me and Danny travelled to Poland to visit Auschwitz for a day then go further North to meet lovely Kwolas, who I'd been put in touch with by my friend Dawid who said he was a lovely guy and would probably show us some nice places when we were in Poland. I only really wanted to see the chapel, but soon Kwolas was planning lots of great locations to take us to and make a two day road trip. We managed to go to my first Soviet location for my book Soviet Ghosts, which was pretty exciting. 

Poland - Auschwitz December 2012

It's hard to find words for the experience I had at Auschwitz, it started with exhaustion from the journey and walk to get there, followed by a coldness, eerie chilling feeling. Followed by a surreal mist and feeling of solitude. Later came sadness, horror, cruelty, the last place we visited actually being the most heartbreaking of all and one I will not forget, my heart overwhelmed by a choking feeling of desperation to get out if there.

Ukraine - Chernobyl October 2012

It can be said that the disaster on reactor 4 at the nuclear plant at Chernobyl was the beginning of the crash of the Soviet Union, a golden era, Chernobyl was the pride of the Soviet Union and in times of a revolution it was a symbol of how well industry could create lives and work for the people of the union, a model soviet city. A cultural centre, full of life, the well educated Pripyat was a golden town, full of workers of the nuclear plant Chernobyl and their families, there were schools, a hospital, night life and hotels.

UK Exploring 2012

Bull Manor

I first set foot in Bull Manor within the first couple of months of exploring abandoned buildings, practically a complete urbex newbie, we arrived in the house and I stood jaw open for a while in awe that such a place could actually exist, untouched like a moment of history frozen in time. We walked through each of the beautiful rooms in amazement as each one presented different objects all left by the previous owner like a museum of curiosities.

Belgium 3 Day Road Trip August 2012

This was my second road trip to Belgium to explore abandoned building and what a trip! With Danny B, Dawid and Keitei we saw some amazing places and sleeping in a massive gothic  building and then the next night an abandoned power station garage, it was a trip I will never forget.

UK Westpark 2009

In 2005 I did my first explore in Canehill Asylum and to date it has been my best explore, a Victorian asylum, with items still remaining, what I would give to go back there as I have no photos worthy of showing. Soon after our exploring cherry had been popped, followed an obsession with Westpark Asylum, we also visited Severalls in this time but again I have very few photos in existence of these places over months we visted again and again, before finally in 2009 we got caught and told not to return again. Now that Canehill and Westpark have been bulldozed I will just keep the memories, etched into my mind, full of surreal memories.

Professional Photographer of the Year 2009 & Exhibition at The Mall Gallery London

On 1st January 2010 I found out that I have been awarded the title of Professional Photographer of the Year 2009 for the magazine Professional Photography Magazine. Of course this was fantastic news for me and I feel truly humbled to have been given this prestigious title.